Defining Kinks !

I just wanted to announce and put forth that I have started a seasonal podcast. In this ‘ Episode Zero‘ I discuss what inspired and what my motivation for the podcast was.

TLDR: I used to be worried to talk about kink, now I’m not — I’m starting a pod that encourages this more. Collaborating with community members – check it out! Participate if you feel the desire!

The reason for posting here on Backstage is 3 fold, which I did talk to moderation beforehand so any fault in the post is my own!

  1. Especially out of the gate and in the earlier season, my collective of guests and ‘write-ins’ will be from the GWA and Reddit community, as this is the place where I first started to explore kink and find my sexual voice, as it were. So it’s my way to ‘keep it in the family’ [Incest] just in case lol 😉
  2. This is also a space where I feel I can further hone in discussions and debates as many here understand where I am coming from, as well as any of my guests on the podcast.
  3. To present the opportunity to any who would like to participate, suggest, discuss, or throw their hat into the project in anyway! If you want to be a guest, write-in your thoughts, or suggest a kink to be featured, Please message

I can’t wait to see the awesome dialogue and discussions this pod will create. GWA communities is where I cut my teeth on just being an adult and discussing kink, admitting I don’t know things openly, and getting the courage to express my desire to explore the things I don’t know enough of/that really entice me 😉 I hope this pod just amplifies that for general audiences. Thank you for your time, loves! <3