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The Jock Doc Podcast is a partially scripted medical comedy podcast hosted by Dr. London Smith (.com) who, with the help of his “producer” Cameron, educates listeners about various medical topics and then interviews a guest found by Cameron. Each episode also features DJ Dylan, who typically speaks only during the intro, but makes his presence known throughout a given episode via sound effects. Dr. London Smith (.com) relies on Cameron for both the recording equipment and for helping him to convey medical information in a manner that is understandable to the layman, but this is thrown into disarray when Cameron continually derails the conversation and then emphasizes the medically inaccurate statements made by the guest. DJ Dylan also adds to the dialogue here, managing to make it clear that he is taking sides without actually saying a word.

Notable guests on the Jock Doc Podcast have included an essential oils enthusiast, a Christian scientist, an Arkansas State Fair vendor, a Walgreens employee, a drug dealer, an old friend from high school, and even relatives such as London’s mother and Cameron’s aunt, who is also his niece. Topics on the Jock Doc Podcast have ranged from complex medical subjects like rhabdomyolysis to much more broad topics such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys. In addition to teaching a medical topic, Dr. London Smith (.com) will also typically share medical anecdotes from his time interacting in clinical scenarios, along with addressing listener feedback, even when that feedback appears unrelated within the context of a medical podcast or the aspects of medicine about which Dr. London Smith (.com) is speaking. Another aspect of the Jock Doc Podcast which becomes apparent from the first episode is sponsorship. The podcast’s producer, Cameron, seems to have sought out sponsors that have significant morally or ethically suspect attributes, or simply companies that seem too niche to have a market. A prime example of the former is Muber, the medical Uber, which apparently has the taglines of “Do not call an ambulance” and “Do not call 911”. Of the particularly niche sponsors is a dating app for cannonball people seeking other cannonball people called Balls Deep Dating. With each sponsor, Cameron often appears to totally endorse the product and potentially to have used it, sometimes revealing a more complicated necessity regarding his involvement with the sponsorship. The Jock Doc Podcast is satirical in nature and includes a significant amount of improvisation and ingenuity with each new episode. It has the humor of popular podcasts such as Hollywood Handbook but with the broader appeal and guest segments more akin to Comedy Bang Bang. It also appears to borrow from the deadpan comedy style of Tim and Eric and Dr. Steve Brule. All of these comedic influences come together to create a truly unique podcast.

Cast and crew:

All are credited per episode in the description. Variations exist per episode. The host and creator of the show is London Smith

(Twitter: @DrLondonSmith Instagram: @DrLondonSmith). The cohost and co-creator “producer” is Cameron Clark ( The DJ and co-creator is by Dylan Walker (Twitter: @the_dylanwalker Instagram: @jamesdylanwalker). Co-creator and frequent character performer Cassie Walker (Twitter: @StayClassie Instagram: @flashini) Sound design, editing, and production done by Dylan Walker and Cassie Walker’s media production company Greetings From The South (Instagram: @greetingsfromthesouth_).

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