Defining Kinks Episode 2 - Oral Sex RuthieRen Season 1

Defining Kinks: Season 1- Episode 2 : Oral Sex

In this episode we discuss the prominent kink of: Oral Sex What is this kink almost forgotten *as* a kink? What do people get hung up on about it that probably they shouldn’t? Are their special techniques? Tune in as my guest and I discuss this sexual act for better or for worse! My guest this episode: u/Xinley of the Reddit vocal community! She is a degenerate and cutie after my own little nerdy heart and girly parts, please check out her vocal work (18 and up stuff) here:… Or she has a shiny new Instagram: @itme_Xinley Of course, you can find me on Reddit as well, here:… Or check me out on Twitter: @RenRuthie where I tend to give a good mix of shitpost and wholesome 😉 Thanks so much again for tuning in and don’t forget to like & subscribe so you don’t miss out on future kinky funn!! If you’d like to make a suggestion, pose a question, or just give some feedback, I have a great little anonymous suggestion box if you’d like to put it there — otherwise, I always keep an eye on DMs and comments! Thanks, darlings!