Defining Kinks Episode 1 - Dirty Talk RuthieRen Season 1

Defining Kinks Podcast: Dirty Talk (S1E1)

Hello darlings!

Episode 1 is live! Tune in to hear me and the secretly lovely and opinionated u/AurallyAroused2 discuss the joys and pitfalls of the kink: DIRTY TALK. I hope you enjoy– I looooooove to talk and have adult convos about kink! We should all do it more!

Warning: This is purely a topic and opinion based podcast — with time it may morph into more depending on my vision and audience interest. If you ever have any suggestions, feedback, or would like to get involved please PM me or feel free to use (but don’t abuse) this shiny anonymous suggestion box!

Thank you all again for listening and being a supportive community! Feel free to share in any facet, the more the merrier! Hope you will tune in next week as I have a whole new kink and guest to talk with 😉