Letters from America MoonDance Part 6 - New Orleans

Letter from America. Part six of my travel journal – New Orleans

Welcome to the final part of my USA road trip. It’s been a while. Apologies for taking so long to get to it. I could have talked for hours about this amazing city! As it is , I had to rush through to make it 40 mins and then I missed some things out!

A huge thank you to the incredible people I have met who will always have a special place in my memory (you know who you are.) And to you, my dear listener, for having the stamina to stay with my ramblings for this long!

So, without further ado, New Orleans: The Big Easy!

Letters from America MoonDance Part 5 - Nashville, Tennessee and Kemah, Texas

Letter from America. Part Five of my travel journal – Nashville, Tennessee and Kemah, Texas

Welcome Moondancers. Another set of adventures to be told. As usual , any comments or questions you have are most welcome. Hope you enjoy!

Nashville, Tennessee and Kemah, Texas

I have posted a few pictures for you. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the Jazz club. Someone forgot to charge his phone and needed to conserve the battery for the Uber home! But if you are interested, google the place. If you are ever in Nashville , I would highly recommend it.

Letters from America MoonDance Part 4 - Ohio

Letter from America Part four of my travel journal – Ohio

Welcome to part 4 of my travel journal. This time …Moondance in Ohio

As always , if you have any questions or comments , I would love to hear them.

The photos are of my time in the zoo. I couldn’t take any others for obvious reasons. What reasons, you ask? Listen and find out…

Letters from America MoonDance Part 3 - Orlando

Letter from America. Part three of my travel journal – Orlando

Good evening Moondancers. Another message from sunny Ohio, just before I prepare for my flight to Nashville tomorrow. My some of my experiences in Orlando, part 3 of my trip journal . Harry Potter overload!

Letters from America MoonDance Part 2 - Virginia and Florida

Letter from America Part 2 of my travel journal- Virginia and Florida

Good evening Moondancers. A message from sunny Ohio! Some of my experiences in Virginia and Florida,  part 2 of my trip journal. Why only some of my experiences? Because a Gentleman never reveals all…

Letters from America MoonDance Part 1 - New York

Letter from America. An update of my travel journal Part One : New York

Good evening Moondancers, from the Inferno that is Orlando! Thank God for air conditioning!

I hope you enjoy a little summary of my New York adventure. I’ve even included a few pictures.

My apologies that it’s taken so long, I’ve been a little … occupied. 😉

And having got here on Thomas Cooke Airways , I’m one of the thousands on Brits who is currently stranded without a flight home. Ah, well. Maybe you’ll have to put up with me a while longer!